Cool Down - Sophia - Stretch - Stretching - Workout

Cool Down with Me

11 minute thorough stretch with Sophia to compliment any workout!

Sophia - Strength - Workout

Lazy Workout

A 17 minute workout fully LYING DOWN!

Core - Sophia - Strength - Workout

No Repeat Core 3

The third no-repeat workout with Sophia! 9 minutes, each exercise done once.

Core - Legs - Shoulders - Sophia - Workout

Full Body Band Workout

22 minute full body workout using a short resistance band or a long one looped.

Calisthenics - Core - Sophia - Workout

Power and Strength

19 minute body weight workout to build strength and power.

Dance - Pole

Hook & Swoosh Tutorial

A quick tutorial for a 'Hook & Swoosh' in Pole Dance

Booty - Glutes - Sophia - Workout

Best Home Booty Exercises!

7 minute, MINI workout going through the best HOME exercises for the glutes!

Core - Sophia - Workout

Core Blast

11 minutes of core for a quick, simple workout.

back - Cool Down - Flex - Sophia - Stretching - Warm Up

Back and Hip Stretches

17 minutes of hip and back flexibility to improve squats and lower back issues.

back - Booty - Cardio - Cool Down - Core - Sophia - Warm Up - Workout

Full Workout!

35 minute full body workout. Warm up and cool down included.


Burlesque Glove tutorial

Ideas and tips when using burlesque gloves

Booty - Core - Glutes - Legs - Sophia - Workout

Glutes, Legs and Core

15 minute glute, leg and core workout using a resistance band (optional).

back - Shoulders - Sophia - Workout

Bodyweight Back and Shoulders

15 minute shoulder, chest and back workout to improve posture and strength.

back - Shoulders - Sophia - Workout

Back and Shoulders

9 minutes to work the back and shoulders. Dumbbells or tins required.

Core - Sophia - Strength - Workout

No Repeat Core 2

10 minutes, 11 exercises, each one performed once. Dumbbells or tins optional!

Dance - Lauren - Pole

Tiff Legs Tutorial

'Tiff legs' or 'that swooshy thing from a lunge' pole tutorial!

Booty - Sophia - Workout

Booty Workout

15 minute booty workout, can be done with a short resistance band!


Gemstone Tutorial #1

Intro to Gemtoning your garments

Cardio - Core - HIIT - Sophia - Workout

Full body workout

13 minute core based workout including exercises to raise the heart rate!


Always Party Hard Do Tatu


Always Party Hard do Tatu – The Director’s Cut


3 Pole Seat Variations

Pretty Pole Sits from a Peter Pan


Side Sit Variations

Four different side sit poses that can be done from the floor or up the pole!

Burlesque - Dance

5 Ways To Place Your Hands In Dance

Burlesque Tutorial

back - Beginner - Core - prehab - Rehab - Sophia - Workout


15 minutes to work the injury prone and often weak posterior chain!

Core - Sophia - Strength - Workout


10 minutes, 15 exercises, each one once, all to work the ABS!

Dance - Floorwork

Filth Army Floorwork Choreo #9

The full routine from our weekly online Floorwork class!


Top 5 ways to caress your body

How to move around your body using burlesque tips.


Mug Cake Monday

Oreo cookies and cream

Burlesque - Dance


Aerobics take on burlesque

Burlesque - Dance

Top 10 Classic Burlesque Moves

Top 10 classical Burlesque moves to help flow and build up combos for routines.

tight calves
Legs - Yoga

Yoga for Tight Calves

Calisthenics - Yoga

How to Pincha (Forearm Stand)

Crow Pose
Calisthenics - Yoga

How To – Crow Pose

Handstands - Warm Up - Wrists

Wrist Warm Up – For Handstands

Chair Yoga

Chair Yoga


Yoga for Period Pain

Beginner - Calisthenics - Workout

How to – Push UP

Meditation - Yoga

Beach Guided Meditation (10mins)

Cardio - HIIT - Sophia - Warm Up - Workout


14 exercises, each one once, over in 9 minutes and 19 seconds after warm up.

Cardio - HIIT - Sophia - Warm Up - Workout

Filth Army Floorwork Choreo #8

The full routine from our weekly online floorwork class!

Cool Down - Stretching

Post Workout Stretches

Stretches that can be done after a workout


Morning Stretches

Some morning stretches that everyone can do


Ass Jiggle Tutorial

Let’s get dem cheeks moving side to side!


Filth Army Floorwork Choreo #7

The full routine from our weekly online floorwork class!

Beginner - Dance - Pole

Ways to Get up From the Floor #2

Beginner level transition from the floor to standing.

Beginner - Dance - Intermediate - Pole

Ways to Get up From the Floor #1

Beginner to Intermediate level transition from the floor to standing.

Beginner - Dance - Pole

Betty Boop Spin Tutorial

How to do a Betty Boop spin plus variations!


Ass Clap Tutorial

Make that ass clap!

Beginner - Conditioning - Intermediate - Pole - Strength

Beginner/Intermediate Climbing Drills

Drills to help obtain or improve your climb, with progressions available.

Beginner - Dance - Pole

Beginner Pole Choreo

A tutorial for a short routine linking together some beginner level pole moves.


The Squat Challenge

Can you get through the whole squat challenge? How about twice? Three times...?

Dance - Heels

Doorway Dance Choreo

No pole? No problem! Get sexy in a doorway!


Filth Army Floorwork Choreo #6

The full routine from class - get a bed or sofa ready for this one!


Filth Army Floorwork Choreo #5

The full routine from our weekly online floorwork class, in LOCKDOWN LEISUREWEAR


Filth Army Floorwork Choreo #4

The full routine from our weekly online floorwork class!


Filth Army Floorwork Choreo #3

The full routine from our weekly online floorwork class!


Filth Army Floorwork Choreo #2

The full routine from our weekly online floorwork class!


Filth Army Floorwork Choreo #1

The full routine from our weekly online floorwork class!

Flex - Floorwork - Strength

Leg Play Strength & Flex Drills

This tutorial will help improve leg and hip strength and range of movement.


Leg Play – Tick Tocks

This tutorial will introduce you to the technique for leg tick tocks.

Shoulders - Strength - Workout

Shoulder Prehab

Strengthen and protect from injury!

Core - Shoulders - Strength - Workout

Full Body Workout for Aerialists

Flex - Splits - Stretching

Intro to Splits Stretching

A splits lesson for all levels!

Core - Strength - Workout

Wild Core #3

Core Workout perfect for Polers

Shoulders - Strength - Workout

No Equipment Shoulder Workout

Shoulder strengthening!


Marley Tutorial

Pole tutorial for Begintermediate and above to try!


Forearm headstand with Yoga Wheel

Exercises to help you get your forearm headstand using your yoga wheel.


Seahorse Tutorial

An Int/Adv pole tutorial

Core - Workout

Wild Core #2


Scorpio Diamond Tutorial

Pole tutorial for anyone with a solid scorpio!


Genie Tutorial

Pole tutorial from Begintermediates and up


Wild Cardio #3

No wrists needed!

Stretching - Yoga

Getting out of Bed!

A gentle stretch to ease the transition from bed to land

Handstands - Wrists

Wild Handstands #14

Wrist pushups

Handstands - Wrists

Wild Handstands #13

Wrist pushups, grimness!


Wild Handstands #12

Learning bail outs for Handstand practice

Running - Warm Up

Warm Up for Running


Yoga Wheel Exercises

Exercises to help you benefit the most from your yoga wheel.


Wild Handstands #11

More Handstand drills!


Hunter’s Press Tutorial

An intermediate/advanced pole tutorial!


Wild Handstands #10

Working on a controlled entry to your Handstand!

Flex - Handstands - Shoulders - Stretching

Shoulder Stretches

Stretches to open up the shoulders, perfect for those working on handstands too!

Core - Shoulders - Strength - Workout

Upper Body Workout for Aerialists

Intermediate-Advanced strength building for Polers and Aerialists!

Handstands - Strength

Wild Handstands #9

Grim strength drills for handstands

Shoulders - Strength

Pull Ups for Beginners

A pull up bar workout to work towards your pull ups!

Handstands - Headstands

Wild Handstands #8

Training the negative for Handstands and Headstands!


Wild Cardio #2


Wild Handstands #7

Prep for handstand deadlifts


Wild Handstands #6

Bringing your handstand off the wall!


Wild Handstands #5

Prep for starting to handstand!


Deadlift Headstands

Lifting into a headstand with Sarah!


Intro to Headstands

How to Headstand for beginners!

Core - Shoulders - Strength

Strength Building for Aerialists

Core, shoulders and back for Polers and Aerialists!

Core - Shoulders - Strength

Lazy Bastard Stretches for Running

Stretching out after a run when you can't be arsed.


Wild Handstands #4

Handstand form and strength building

Hula Hoop

What Hoop Should I Buy?

Choosing the right hoop for you!

Flex - Shoulders

Shoulder Stretches

Stretches for flexibility in your shoulders and upper back

Flex - Splits

Front Splits

Lunge Sequence for front splits

Flex - Splits

Floor Jade

Floor Jade mini tutorial & conditioning



Backbending mobilisation and conditioning

Flex - Splits

Hip Stretches

Focusing on stretches for jade splits (or gazelle on the hoop)


Mug Cake Monday

Chocolate Fudge Cake

Flex - Splits

Hamstring Stretches

Focusing on stretches for jade splits (or gazelle on the hoop)


Mug Cake Monday

Birthday Cake Fun Fetti


Wild Handstands #3

More on form for Handstands and some tuck practice!

Core - Handstands

Wild Handstands #2

Hollow body position, grim!

Dance - Pole

Pole Dance Class Routine – 23/04/20

The routine taught in class - Somebody Else - The 1975

Core - Strength

Wild Core #1

5, 10 or 15 min workout for core strength!

Burlesque - Dance

Burlesque Class Routine – 19/04/20

Burlesque routine - The Dame Says by Ivy Levan

Conditioning - Pole - Strength

Pole Strength and Conditioning

Burlesque - Dance

Burlesque Class Routine 29/03/20

Burlesque class routine - Show Me How You Burlesque by Christina Aguilera


Wild Handstands #1

Intro to form for Handstands!


Legs and Bums for Runners

Legs and bum strengthening workout for runners!


Cupid Pole Tutorial

A tutorial to help you work towards, achieve or perfect your Cupids!

Handstands - Warm Up

Warm Up for Handstands

An extra warm up for before handstand practice!


Side Climbs and Pretty Side Climbs Pole Tutorial

A tutorial on how to achieve or prefect your Side Climbs and Pretty Side Climbs.

Cool Down - Stretching

Cool Down

A cool down and stretch out with Sarah and Rollo, perfect for after any workout!


Wild Cardio #1

Cardio with Sarah and Rollo

Strength - Workout

Workout for Pole Strength

A 20 minute workout to build and maintain strength for Pole and Aerial!


Wow Spin Pole Tutorial

A tutorial of Wow spins and variations on the classic.


Booty Beastings Banded

Banded Glute exercises to build a strong Butt!


Booty Beastings Body Weight

Body weight exercises to build a strong Butt!


Full Body Beastings Circuit 2

Full Body 12 minute workout


Full Body Beastings Circuit 1

Full body 10 minute workout

Hula Hoop

Intro To Foot Hooping

Learn how to hula hoop on your foot!

Hula Hoop

Vortex Lift Offs & Breaks

Learn how to Vortex with lift offs and breaks.

Partner Core Workout
Partner - Workout

Partner Core Workout

Partner core workout

Hula Hoop

Perfect Your Isolation

Learning Isolations!

Reverse Cat Roll

Reverse Cat Roll

Breakdown of the classic floorwork move. Can be done in bare feet also.

Hula Hoop

6 Minute Waist Hoop Workout

6 minute waist hoop workout!

Floor Switch

FloorPlay – Lunge Switch Spin

Lunge switch spin floorwork move. Can be done in heels or barefoot.

Hula Hoop

Hand Hooping

Learn how to Hand Hoop!


Leg Play – Ties & Unties

A tutorial on a classic leg-play technique.

Hula Hoop

How To Waist Hoop

Learn how to Waist Hoop!

Mental Health

Protected: I Can’t Pole! My Life Is Over!

Help and support for when the panic of no pole or aerial gets all too much.

Always Party Hard - Dance

Learn The Actual Hit Me Baby One More Time Choreo

The Real Live Actual Hit Me choreography - basically, with this video, you become Britney herself.


Running Posture and Technique

Improve your running form


Protected: Five Minute Guided Relaxation With Kaylee

Short guided relaxation using body scanning and breath work

Warm Up

Warm Up

Full body warm up for pole, aerial, handstands etc

Flex - Splits - Stretching

Stretches for Middle Splits

30 min follow along stretch session focused on working towards middle splits.

Flex - Stretching - Warm Up

Warm Up for Middles Splits & Japana

A 10 minute warm up to help get you ready for leg based stretch sessions.


Improve Your Lines for Pole, Aerial & Dance

Exercises to help eliminate micro-bends and improve your toe point to create beautiful lines in Pole, Aerial and Dance ft. guest appearance from Ella the floof

Dance - Heels - Pole

Heels Floor Lunge Spin Combo

Lunge Pole combo round pole in Heels. Pole Required.


Revitalising Grounding Flow

A simple Yoga flow to set you up for the day!

Straddle Conditiong
Conditioning - Workout

Straddle Conditioning

No equipment core and hip exercises to help with straddle mounts and inverts.

Shoulder Stability
Rehab - Shoulders - Yoga

Shoulder Stability

No Equipment shoulder stability exercises for any ability.

Yoga Sun Sals
Warm Up - Yoga

Sun Salutations

A basic warm-up to start your day or fitness regime.

No lessons found