We have a variety of classes which will provide fun ways to keep fit. From Pole Dance to Aerial Hoop, Weights classes to Yoga, we have something that you'll love!


Burlesque & Ass Class

Come learn the art of tease in our Burlesque classes OR learn how to build a stronger butt in ass class, and show you how to make it move with tantalising wiggles and jiggles! We have workshops where you can come and learn full routines to popular songs!


Weights - Circuits

We think fitness should be fun so we have a variety of classes for your needs. In Weights we show you different ways to use a variety of free weights. Circuits is doing different exercises to work each part of the body, so we try to come up with crazy fun ways to work each part like playing limbo and tyre flipping. In Cardio expect us to make you go around the gym on a space hopper.


Asana, Meditation

In the morning we have Yoga Energise which focuses more on sequencing and movement to wake up the body. Our lunchtime and evening classes combine movement and sequencing with static Yin style poses before coming to relaxation. In Meditation class we work on relaxing the body before removing the senses through guided meditation.


Silks, Hoop, Trapeze

We have mixed Aerial Arts classes which we cover silks, hoop and trapeze. This is a great intro into aerial, trying different apparatus and seeing how the same moves transfer between equipment. Our Silks class is for those who have good level of fitness already however no prior silks experience is nessasary. You will learn tricks, drops and combos in the silks or hammock. In our Hoop classes you will learn a variety of static poses and transitions to build up combos.


Fitness, Dance, Exotic

We have Pole Fitness classes which will work on strength, tricks and combos. This is a great intro to the world of Pole and a fun way to get fit! Our Pole Dance classes are for those who want to learn more flow, transitions, floorwork and build routines! We have Chief of Sex Alice running Exotic classes which you can learn heel-specific moves, learn a routine, and feel sexy as fuck!