Hench Beast

As someone who struggles with coordination and for whom pole and fitness stuff never came naturally to, Sarah is an incredibly patient understanding teacher, and always happy to break things down and explain things as many times as is needed. Sarah started pole about 9 years ago, and has been teaching for 7 years. And LOVES it. Cardio, Core Strength and Pole Combos of all levels are her favourite thing to teach, and crazy beastly strength stuff. Can't body roll to save her life but can hold a human body flag for longer than anyone else in the whole world ever. Probably. Sarah fucking loves metal, going running over mountains, and her old farty rescue doggy Chester.


Freestyle Queen

Kat is a crazy badass, probably the coolest person you'll ever meet and just one of those annoying people who seems to be great at everything. She's responsible for all the weird shit on the playlist. Kat has a lot of experience performing and competing and came 1st in Hoop Instructor at Cheshire Aerial Championships 2017, 3rd Pole Professional at Place North East Pole Championship 2016, Finalist in Pole Professional, British Pole Super Championships 2017 & Pole Instructor, Miss Pole Dance Semi Pro 2016.


Drex Queen

Drama and sex (Drex), our Lilly has it all. She is the master of making anyone feel at ease in seconds, and bringing out the best in you. Lilly also does all the crazy stuff on the pole where you look like someone's broken you, folded you in half, then put you back together wrong! Our Lilly also specialises in burlesque, teaching and performing. Helping you learn the art of tease and how to make the smallest of movements look so sensual.


Stripper Sensei

Precious is a filthy hoe, straight out the strip club, and into Polefire to help bring out your inner whore. She can make her ass do things that will blow your mind, and will teach you all how in her Ass Class.


Performance Pioneer

Kayley loves the theatre, drama and character of performance, and placed second at the Supreme Poledown pole competition performing as Lumiere! She also loves figuring out the technical secrets for how moves work to be able to explain as clearly as possible so they actually make sense. Mostly though, she just likes prancing around, whether on the pole or in the silks. Yes you can totes prance in the silks.


Bendy Jendy

Bendy Jendy is our own little sea witch, with the grace, strength and control of all things aquatic mixed with flexible magic. The way she splits and contorts with ease might seem like witchcraft, but she firmly believes in being able to unlock everyone's flexy potential! Jen has almost 4 years experience in pole and aerial, with extensive body awareness, skill and knowledge in stretching and flexibility. She can work to all levels, whether you're looking to touch your toes or work on your oversplit. Her favourite pole move is the JENeiro and outside of Siren Asylum she loves dJENt, clothing design, craft beer and gaming.


Fit Faith

Faith has been doing pole for about 3 years and aerial for a year and now and fucking loves spending as much time as possible upside down. She loves yoga and trying (and failing) to be more flexible than Jen. She is super good at beasting about in the studio and helping other people do the same and loves pole because loves the amazing people. Her fav move on pole is Ayesha because she can flip into it, sort of. Favourite hoop move is machine gun, Mostly because of the name. She likes DnB and gritty blues, hummus, dancing like an idiot and anything and everything sparkly.


Ripped Redhead

Josie started pole and aerial just over a year ago and she instantly fell in love with them. Since starting at polefire she has gotten so much stronger and is trying to get more flexible. Her favourite moves so far would have be either a top bar gazelle on the hoop or ayesha on the pole. Outside of Siren Asylum she likes to go to CrossFit and most recently started going to Olympic lifting and snowboarding. She also loves pop punk, metal, pizza, rum and all things marvel.


Booty Builder

Sophia loves bodybuilding. Particularly the technique behind all the different moves and how to feel the burn! She will tweak your form ever so slightly to isolate muscles you never even knew you had. You can find her in the gym or in the gym. She is teetotal and vegan so a bit of a weirdo. Likes to try vegan restaurants. Top tip- don’t go to her for silk, aerial or pole. She is not a natural.


Hula Hero

Becky has legs that go all the way up! She is our Hula Hoop expert but is also known for her cool and creative shapes on the pole and floor. She's got it all, strength, flexibility and creativity. She initially fell in love with the sporty side of pole, however now she likes to venture into exotic and combine the two. Becky is also one of our qualified PTs and sports massage therapists so she can break you, then fix you!