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Designed to build strength in the lower back, prevent injury during pole and aerial and encourage you all to keep moving even during lockdown!

The posterior chain refers to the muscles on the back of the body e.g. gluteals, hamstrings, lower and upper back. With the modern lifestyle of hunching over a desk constantly, it weakens, lengthens and causes injury or pain, commonly in the lower back, and is often related to other issues such as with the knees and hips. This makes mobility and gentle strengthening exercises like these SO important to keep ourselves healthy and pain free.

Only 14 minutes so no excuses, ideal for breaking up long hours at the office desk.

Ideally done in partnership with the ‘NO REPEAT CORE’ workout to train the opposite muscles for balance and to protect the lower back long term.

Noise to signal when to change exercise and when exercises are being demonstrated.

No equipment needed but a mat or soft surface will be comfortable for lying down and planking on the elbows.

Get in touch @soulphit if you give this a try, would love to hear what you guys think!

121’s via Zoom for training specific for your individual goals…

Workout includes a warm up of mobility exercises but make sure to take part in one of our 2 (and counting!) cool downs to avoid injury, get the most out of your workout and feel great.

This workout is designed to help those who have a weak core from a sedentary lifestyle avoid future injury. Although this is a gentle workout, if you do have pre-existing back issues please consult a professional before attempting this. The back is so delicate and must be treated with care and specialist attention when required.

– Sophia