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Designed to raise the heart rate, get the blood flowing and encourage you all to keep moving even during lockdown!

Includes warm up

Noise to signal when to change exercise and when exercises are being demonstrated

There is a lot of jumping exercises that aren’t great if you have bad knees, they can be modified e.g. normal squats instead of jump squats, keeping one foot on the ground at all times for high knees

No equipment needed but a mat or soft surface will be comfortable for push ups on the knees

Actual workout starts at 4.05 so is only 9 minutes and 19 seconds and you only have to do each exercise once so give all you have got!

Film a time lapse of this if you do it and tag me @soulphit

And to the majority of you- enjoy my suffering from the comfort of your couch, it’s what you guys have always dreamed of seeing 😉

121’s via Zoom for training specific for your individual goals…

Playlist link-