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This is a 20 minute workout to build strength specifically for clean inverts, shoulder mounts and deadlifts.

Or you can just do one set if you just have five minutes.

Slow, steady, everything controlled to really build those muscles, these will work your abs and back, hip flexors and glutes, so opposing muscle groups are worked which is important, otherwise the opposite side can lengthen and weaken, which creates imbalances and can lead to injury. The side planks also help with stability and obliques, perfect for ayesha/iron x chasers!

Hip flexor strength is probably most important for those three main pole moves, but they also get tight quickly, so I’d recommend stretching them out after, will do a cool down video soon 😍

Also I’d recommend combining this with the first section of the warm up vid up to and including the wrist circles!

1 minute Squats
30 seconds rest
1 minute Lie on back in a ball, slowly extending legs
30 seconds rest
1 minute Planks into Side Planks
30 second rest
1 minute Lie on back, legs up straight, bum lifts
30 seconds rest then repeat two more times!
Giving you a 20 minute workout you should feel tomorrow! You make make it harder by doing an extra set, but this is good for a stronk poler.

Doing this 2-3 times a week will benefit you massively, much more still to come!! ~ Sarah xxxx